Tally Add On


1. Ledger Import from Excel: - This Add-on enables you to import bulk ledger master from excel to Tally.ERP9. Data transfer from any other applications can be done through the Export/Import process.

2. Search on Item Description: - This Add-on enables you to set stock item description very fastly in simple click, this is enabled in day book, Purchase Register & Sales Register.

3. Stock Item Search in Stock Summary: - This module is specially customized for searching the stock item in the stock summary which means the user can Easley pick up their item in the stock summary.

4. Voucher Type Wise Godown Settings: - This Add-on enables you can set default go down for vouchers that helps you in time management.

5. Dynamic Stock Summary: - A Stock Summary is a statement of the stock-in-hand on a particular date. It is one of the primary inventory statements that is generated in Tally.ERP9

6. Duplicate Purchase Bill Blocking: - The main use of this module is to avoid duplicate purchase bill Numbers in Tally.

7. Multi Description in Stock Item Master: - This module enables you to set multi descriptions for stock item master in tally. ERP9.

8. Outstanding Write-off on Single Click: - This module enables easy way of write off outstanding bill balance due to amount roundoff, Not recoverable etc on Single click in Tally.ERP9

9. Profit View While Billing: - This is to view the profit of transaction while doing Sales bill. Helping the users to control the risk of counter discount given to customers.

10. Godown or Rack Setting in Stock Item. Master: As you know that we cannot set multiple go down or rack system for a stock item master in default Tally.

11. Multi Cash Vouchers Quick Entry: - This Add-on enables you to create multiple cash payment vouchers using a single screen. In day to day transaction we have several cash transactions.

12. Auto Change Closing Stock Valuation for Stock Item: - This module enables the facility to change the stock valuations methods for all items in a single click.

13. Advance Ledger Display: - This module provides a button to change the view of default Tally ledger report in to the detailed mode.

14. Address Book: - Address Book allows you to retrieve the customers/Suppliers address, contacts and other registration details in a single report.

15. Ledger Book: - Added a new button naming "LEDGER" in Day book to filter all transactions include all financial vouchers, reversing and memorandum journals as well as inventory vouchers for a particular ledger.

16. Print Invoice with Outstanding Details: - The module enables customer's current outstanding details at bottom of the invoice. Outstanding details will be available in default Simple, comprehensive and statutory invoices.

17. Controls on Audited Voucher:- This module in tally protect your audited transaction by providing user controls.

18. Buyer Search in Daybook, Sales Register: - Content searching in Day Book & Sales Register with Buyer Name, Buyer Address, Consignee Name, Consignee Address.

19. GST Utility: - This module is a collection of different features which helps you generating GST sales invoice. Various features are such as 1. Show GST Tax Percentage in Vouchers 2. Show HSN and GST Tax Percentage in Item Tables 3. Control on B2B Sales voucher without GSTIN/UIN 4. Print Tax inclusive rate in Default invoice 5. Show Last Purchase cost in Sales and Purchase.

20. Auto Sales Price (0.1): - This module is to auto calculate Sales price while doing sales invoice. After adding this TCP, Activate in F11 feature, go to stock group master, set a percentage of hike required on last purchase price of the product.

21. Daybook with Cash Balance: - The module day book with cash balance in Tally is providing a new format for Day Book considering daily opening cash balance and cash, credit transactions to arrive daily cash closing balance in day book as per the manual preparation.

22. Re-order Level Warning While Billing: - By enabling this add-on tally will give warning while billing whenever the closing stock comes below re-order level of a stock item.

23. Detailed Trial Balance and Balance Sheet: - This module Detailed Balance Sheet and Trial Balance specially prepared for adding some additional details in the default Balance Sheet and Trial Balance of Tally.

24. Daybook Total: - This add-on will enable users to view the total value of all transactions in Day Book for a particular day or given period.

25. Multi Price Level Selection for Invoice: - Default tally price list is facilitating one price level for entire items in an invoice. Whereas "Multi price level for an Invoice" enables items wise price level while billing.

26. Grid View for Tally Reports: - This module enables you the horizontal/Vertical lines for reports available in Tally ERP9 and will give comfortable reading of information in the reports

27. Automate Manual Numbering: - As you know in default tally voucher number is automatic. if we delete a voucher the voucher number will get rearranged.

28. Multi Alter Mode for Std. Sales Price: - As you know in default tally, we have to change standard selling rate Individually for all stock item, this module enables you to set standard rate for multi stock item in a single screen.

29. Price List import From Excel: - This module enables Import of Price List from Excel to Tally ERP9. Creation of Price list will be very easy in Excel then the same can be Imported to Tally.ERP9 in Seconds.

30. Reminder System over Outstanding Receivables: -This Addon will enable you to have a reminder system over outstanding receivables in Tally.ERP9.

31. GST/VAT View in Voucher: - The GST/VAT view in voucher this module which is used to help the user to identify the GST/VAT rate at the time of sale and purchase entry (Release 5.0 above). In the default Tally this facility is not provided to the user. So, the user can't identify the GST/VAT rate for each item at voucher entry.

32. Set Standard Cost for Multi Stock Item: - In default tally we have to enter standard cost in each stock item individually. This module enables you to set standard cost in multi stock items in single screen in Tally.ERP9.